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lessa TCK Chapters 10-13


Sorry for the delay for this project, but this is my last semester for my degree and every week I get at least an exam or a 10 page paper due. So releases this semester will be very slow, but it will come in bulks instead of one or two chapters at a time to make up the time. Hope you understand and enjoy the read.


lessa TCK Chapter 10: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 11: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 12: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 13: MF

lessa TCK Chapters 8-9 Released!


lessa Chapters 8-9 Released! We will be typing Sugarless this week, as for Aphorism it is getting translated but remember everyone has lives and college we cannot just do scanlations all the time or our grades and careers go down. Enjoy the read!


lessa TCK Chapter 8: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 9: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 7 Released!


College has started and since this is my last semester releases will be going slow, but I will make it up every free chance I get.Also we are recruiting more Korean translators for the project Be Heun. A Japanese translator would be good if they wanted to work with us to finish up One Outs. Enjoy!


lessa TCK Chapter 7: MF

MES Chapter 7-10



Sorry for the delay in these chapters, real life + One outs releases backtracked them. Now we are all caught up to the current chapter of MES. Enjoy!


MES Chapter 7: MF

MES Chapter 8: MF

MES Chapter 9: MF

MES Chapter 10: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 6 Released!


Enjoy this chapter! As we said a couple days ago we are working on 4 chapters of MES, we are doing the most recent released one, which is Chapter 10. Look forward to MES this week.


lessa TCK Ch 6: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 5


Enjoy this chapter! We will work on MES this week, since we had to concentrate on One Outs last week. Also for the people asking for the chapters missing in One Outs we do not have a translator at the moment so we need one if someone really wants us to do it. We also need a Japanese translator for a new project and a Korean translator for an existing one. Enjoy!


lessa TCK Chapter 5: MF

One Outs V20 Released!

V20 pic


Graphic (OMAS) and I decided to drop Soul Cartel due to how boring it is. I personally was going to drop it long time ago but wanted to see where it goes and it went the same place. The MC is useless while a side character is essentially the real MC and has super thick plot armor as Graphic says, always wins. There is no progression so we’re dropping it. Now on to further matters, enjoy this volume it was truly fun to reread again and again. Enjoy!


One Outs Chapter 168.1: MF

One Outs Chapter 168.2: MF

One Outs Chapter 168.3: MF

One Outs Chapter 168.4: MF

One Outs Chapter 168.5: MF

One Outs Chapter 168.6: MF

One Outs Chapter 168.7: MF

lessa TCK Chapters 3-4


End of Chapter 4 is where its at that is all I’m saying. Also for One Outs as you can see we’re still cleaning it cause we have loads of things to clean and typeset so we need an experienced cleaner to help us out. Enjoy the chapters!


lessa TCK Chapter 3: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 4: MF

Clover V23 Released!

V23 pic


Enjoy the last volume for this week. We will try to do more Clover volumes this month but no guarantees. Enjoy the volume!


Clover Chapter 197: MF

Clover Chapter 198: MF

Clover Chapter 199: MF

Clover Chapter 200: MF

Clover Chapter 201: MF

Clover Chapter 202: MF

Clover Chapter 203: MF

Clover Chapter 204: MF

Clover Chapter 205: MF

Clover V22 Released!

V22 pic


Enjoy another volume!


Clover Chapter 188: MF

Clover Chapter 189: MF

Clover Chapter 190: MF

Clover Chapter 191: MF

Clover Chapter 192: MF

Clover Chapter 193: MF

Clover Chapter 194: MF

Clover Chapter 195: MF

Clover Chapter 196: MF