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Clover Chapter 335

Here’s another chapter of Clover!
We are in need of 32 bucks for Clover and Crows raws!
Please contribute if you can. 😀

Chapter 235 [MF]

Clover Chapter 234

Hey everyone, here’s another chapter of Clover, enjoy.
We are currently looking for Typesetter and Japanese Translator.

Chapter 234 [MF]

Clover Chapter 233 + Announcement

Hey, this is Sunsa. I will be taking over Vendetta from now on.
Anyway, here’s an update for you guys.
There won’t be any more bundle update due to my schedule.
However, we are hoping to make the update more regularly.

Chapter 233 [MF]

Clover Chapters 230-232


Well a lot of things have happened, it has been truly a chaotic month. I kept getting papers and exams for three weeks, which I was done 2 weeks ago. Then I had to go get a job and start treating patients which caused me to wipe out, and recently a week before my computer just fucked up. It has been messing up now and then due to a virus which I thought I managed to remove, so I was going to correct these chapters, I just have no motivation too. I will be taking out the Batoto pages and others next volume and do a different style of typesetting. I will release in bulks rather then dailies because it is just convenient for me, that way I do not have to make promises and can even go faster due to no pressure. When I was doing bulks I went faster versus daily releases. So hope my computer does not mess up as I type the next volume.


Clover Chapter 230: Mega

Clover Chapter 231: Mega

Clover Chapter 232: Mega

Clover Chapter 228 + 229 Released!


Could not release due to being burnt out since I had two test, this week one on Tuesday and one today (Thursday). Well I am very heavily burnt out due to sleeping probaly four hours these two days. Anyways to make up for that I am releasing two chapters. I will be typing V27 tomorrow. Enjoy!


Clover Chapter 228: Mega

Clover Chapter 229: Mega

Clover Chapter 227 Released!


Enjoy another chapter!


Clover Chapter 227: Mega

Clover Chapter 226 Released!


Here is another chapter, enjoy!


Clover Chapter 226: Mega

Clover Chapter 225 Released!


I got 2 test this coming week and 2 papers soon due…fuck my life. Enjoy!


Clover Chapter 225: Mega

Clover Chapter 224 Released!


My plan is to release one more volume (27) then take a break to clean the other remaining clover and type crows up. My goal is to clean all the volumes that I have, so it might take some time, I cannot give an ETA about it. But you will have volume 26-27 released before that break time.


Clover Chapter 224: Mega


Clover Chapter 223 Released!


Last chapter of Volume 25. I am going to take a three day break to type up the other volume and get a little more ahead if I can. Enjoy!


Clover Chapter 223: Mega