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Crows Zero II

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Back and Focus


I am back I had to take a state exam which I passed. As they say real life is more important, since retakes would have costed me around $800 if I had failed. Anyway I am dropping all projects except for Clover + Crows Zero II to focus on those projects until their completion. When I pick up more projects I cannot concentrate on solely one and this is the best way to do that. Well that’s all for now.

Clover V24 Released!


Finally here it is! I will be typing up the next arc on Monday and I believe it is more then one volume long so there might be alot more releases to come next. For a while i will be concentrating on Clover and Crows then other projects please understand. Enjoy the read!


Clover Chapter 206: MF

Clover Chapter 207: MF

Clover Chapter 208: MF

Clover Chapter 209: MF

Clover Chapter 210: MF

Clover Chapter 211: MF

Clover Chapter 212: MF

Clover Chapter 213: MF

Clover Chapter 214: MF

lessa TCK Chapters 25-27 Released!


Had to delay all releases due to having a 6 week clinical course. Though now I gotta study for a licensure exam which is in 3 months, but I am free to release out chapters nonetheless. So here is lessa chapters 25-27! Chapters 28-30 will be released soon.


lessa TCK Chapter 25: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 26: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 27: MF

Aphorism Chapters 55-57, Lessa Chapters 19-24 Released


Was lazy to put a proper picture but I’ll be acting like this for some days before starting on Clover next. Right now we’re all caught up on lessa as for Aphorism we need a new translator since the previous translator went mia due to schoolwork. I also have clinicals this summer so I need this week to adjust my schedule but I will still be actively releasing stuff. Enjoy the read!


Aphorism Chapter 55: MF

Aphorism Chapter 56: MF

Aphorism Chapter 57: MF

lessa Chapter 19: MF

lessa Chapter 20: MF

lessa Chapter 21: MF

lessa Chapter 22: MF

lessa Chapter 23: MF

lessa Chapter 24: MF

Lessa TCK Chapters 16-18


Here is chapters 16-18 of lessa. The next chapters release will be chapters 19-21 then 22-24. Enjoy the read!


lessa TCK Chapter 16: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 17: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 18: MF

lessa TCK Chapters 14-15


Finally exams are over and its time to catch up. We are aiming to release chapters 16-18 next then chapters 19-20 and so on.  As for aphorism once we catch up we are going to release chapters 55-57 and we need another translator for the project aphorism to do the chapters afterwards. As for Clover we will release three volumes once we are done with the above projects. Enjoy!


lessa TCK Chapter 14: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 15: MF

lessa TCK Chapters 10-13


Sorry for the delay for this project, but this is my last semester for my degree and every week I get at least an exam or a 10 page paper due. So releases this semester will be very slow, but it will come in bulks instead of one or two chapters at a time to make up the time. Hope you understand and enjoy the read.


lessa TCK Chapter 10: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 11: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 12: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 13: MF

lessa TCK Chapters 8-9 Released!


lessa Chapters 8-9 Released! We will be typing Sugarless this week, as for Aphorism it is getting translated but remember everyone has lives and college we cannot just do scanlations all the time or our grades and careers go down. Enjoy the read!


lessa TCK Chapter 8: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 9: MF

lessa TCK Chapter 7 Released!


College has started and since this is my last semester releases will be going slow, but I will make it up every free chance I get.Also we are recruiting more Korean translators for the project Be Heun. A Japanese translator would be good if they wanted to work with us to finish up One Outs. Enjoy!


lessa TCK Chapter 7: MF

MES Chapter 7-10



Sorry for the delay in these chapters, real life + One outs releases backtracked them. Now we are all caught up to the current chapter of MES. Enjoy!


MES Chapter 7: MF

MES Chapter 8: MF

MES Chapter 9: MF

MES Chapter 10: MF